Tuesday, January 19, 2010

19.01.10 - Aww, crap?

I'm wondering if my mead is ruined. There's this white gooey thing in the must around the oranges and raisins and there is some brownish thing all over the raisins and oranges on top. Maybe the latter is krausen but I don't like the looks of that white-ish thing under it. I also checked the bottom of the carboy and there are four cinnamon sticks on the bottom along with something else that looks kinda like yeast and spices. Only one cinnamon stick floats... don't know if that is a problem. I'll post pictures after a couple of hours.

And I'm also going to sign up to homebrewtalk and ask for some help there too

Update With Pictures:

Here's that white cloudy stuff I was talking about. It's above the smiling raisin but below the white foam on this picture. Hard to take pictures in focus this close up.

And here's a picture of the carboy where you can see the brown stuff I think is krausen

And here's a close up of it and the raisin commune

flyweed at homebrewmead assures me that the white stuff is normal and that my temperature is high enough but thinks that I may have used too many oranges and spices

Medsen at gotmead suggested that increasing the temperature by 4 °C (Up to 75 °F) would help the fermentation process

Thank you and others for input

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